Data Privacy/GDPR

We collect and use your personal information to communicate with you about our services and solutions relevant to your business. In this context, personal data may include contact details such as email, address, and business title. In most cases, you will have provided us details through channels such as meetings, conferences, business surveys, social media, or our website. We may then add to these basic details as required to best engage with you.

We keep your information safe by storing it on systems that are accessed using a user name and password. In some instances, we work with specific partners to deliver services or solutions and may provide the minimum details to them as required to engage with you. For example, they may need your email details to invite you to a product demo.

You may request from us a copy of the personal data we hold. If your situation has changed or you are no longer interested, you may also unsubscribe to our email communications or surveys which have unsubscribe links as standard.

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